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Choose your payment option & follow the steps below.


Soon as payment is complete we can begin processing your order. Payments received after 12pm will be processed next business day.


Venmo @easy-apparel 

Send friend request first or look for company logo.



Checks can be made out to "Easy Apparel". Please take a picture of the check showing the front and back entirely (with natural lighting, contrasting background, no shadows) and email to sales@easyapparel.co or your representative so we can safely and quickly process your check via mobile deposit. Sending the physical check is not necessary.


Credit Card (3.5% processing fee)

Your representative will send you a link to checkout online in case you choose this option. You may also call your representative to give them your card info.


PayPal (3.5% processing fee)

Payment can be sent to sales@easyapparel.co and must include an additional 3.5% processing fee. Payments received without this fee will incur a balance that must be paid. There is a way to avoid the fee prior to making payment, but you will need to contact your sales rep for further instructions.


ACH / Wire Transfer

Mainly used for payments over $5,000. Contact your representative if you choose this option. 


If there are any questions, concerns or issues please contact your representative for assistance or email us sales@easyapparel.co.