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Choose your payment option & follow the steps below.


Soon as payment is complete we can begin processing your order. Orders received after 12pm will be processed next business day.


Venmo @easy-apparel 

Send friend request first or look for company logo.


PayPal - Friends & Family

Payment must be sent to sales@easyapparel.co as Friends and Family. There's no fee if you send from U.S. bank account or PayPal balance. Payment sent as Goods and Services will incur a balance that must be paid before order is completed. Watch this video for how to send payment properly.


Credit Card (3.5% processing fee)

Your representative will send you a link to checkout online in case you choose this option. You may also call your representative to give them your card info.



Checks can be made out to "Easy Apparel". We prefer you to take a picture of the check showing the front and back entirely (with natural lighting, contrasting background, no shadows) and email to sales@easyapparel.co or your representative so we can safely and quickly process your check.


ACH / Wire Transfer

Mainly used for payments over $5,000. Contact your representative if you choose this option. If your order is urgent, wire transfer will be the best option.


If there are any questions, concerns or issues please contact your representative for assistance or email us sales@easyapparel.co.